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Emma Millington

Emma Millington

Masters of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology), AEP, ESSAM

Emma’s journey began as an elite-level hockey player when she had her interest in injury management sparked through a series of knee injuries sustained as an adolescent. Realising the pivotal role of exercise in her own rehabilitation, Emma began her professional journey as a personal trainer and learnt the value of building strong and lasting relationships with her clients. A lifelong passion for learning led Emma to then pursue and complete a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology followed by a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. Through this process and working in both rural and city settings, Emma has amassed experience with multiple populations and conditions such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and adolescents. Her passion lies in translating modern research into helpful information, with a special interest in pre and post surgical recovery, pre and post natal training, athletic performance and musculoskeletal injuries. Emma’s goal is to empower you to consistently choose to move, working with pain to help you take control of your physical future.

Liam Rheinberger

Liam Rheinberger

Masters of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology), AEP, ESSAM

Liam was a passionate rugby league player and weightlifter when a significant back injury transformed his perception of recovery and movement. Liam started his career in health as a personal trainer, where he discovered a love for meeting and helping others realise their physical goals. He then sought to expand his knowledge by completing a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology followed by a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. Liam is the epitome of a learner for life, and has developed an up-to-date and approachable style of practice that is very popular among clients. We know that, having successfully rehabilitated himself back onto the sporting field, he can help you get back to what you love, whether that includes sports performance or functional independence. Liam has involved himself in the management of a wide variety of conditions including diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis whilst developing a specific interest in injury rehabilitation with lower back pain being a key focus. Liam’s training philosophy revolves around the adaptability of the body; promoting movement as medicine whilst empowering his clients to understand and manage their own conditions.

Dhanya Karthikeyan

Dhanya Karthikeyan

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Dhanya Karthikeyan grew up in Singapore and being an avid sportswoman, she represented Singapore in 100m and 200m sprinting events as a pre-teenager. She is also a Classical Indian Dancer (Bharathanatyam) and is currently part of the Lingalayam Dance Academy where she continues to perform, showcasing one of the oldest classical dance forms of India.

Her love for all things sport and dance, and experiencing some of her own injuries led her to pursue physiotherapy where she completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University in 2020. Dhanya has since then undergone placements rurally and in metropolitan areas and has also completed her first year of graduate work at Concord Repatriation General Hospital.

To pursue her interest in musculoskeletal, strength/conditioning and sports sectors, Dhanya continues to work closely with UNSW’s Football Club since 2018 as well as travelling inter-state with UNSW for The Australian University Games in 2019.

With her experience in various areas of musculoskeletal, cardiothoracic, neurological rehabilitation, geriatrics and orthopedics, Dhanya’s passion lies in building meaningful relationships with her clients and empowering them with evidence based knowledge, guidance and strategies to enable healthy self efficacy and management of their physical wellbeing.

Our Services

You are an individual with a unique health journey and your own lived experiences of pain. We believe your rehabilitation should reflect this.

Emma and Liam know what it is like to have injury get in the way of doing what you love and offer an updated approach that reflects the modern science of successful injury management. Our focus is upon you as a person, learning your goals and helping you understand your own condition, then take control. Building on our experience as Exercise Physiologists, we emphasise an active approach to physiotherapy designed to put you in the driver’s seat and get you excited about movement again. Envy Physiotherapy Balmain.

Our core services include:

  • Professional assessment, treatment and management of injuries and conditions
  • Persistent pain management
  • Rehabilitation following injury, surgery or illness
  • Prehabilitation before surgery
  • Care during and after pregnancy
  • Sports injury management and return-to-play
  • Game day team sport coverage
  • Ongoing support after your visit to help keep you at your best
  • Telehealth Consultations

The Envy Advantage

  •  Our physiotherapists are dual-qualified Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists
  • Access to a fully equipped, private and state-of-the art 202m2 gym facility in the heart of Balmain
  • We teach you the skills to self-manage with movement, meaning less time in the clinic and more time doing what you love
  • Access to our members only blog and Facebook page where you can learn more about health, fitness, performance, injury rehabilitation and interact with our industry-leading professionals
  • Give back: our ‘discount or donate’ policy means you either receive a 10% discount from your session or donate the difference to our community-based health initiatives

Envy Physiotherapy Balmain

Our practice is evidence-based, meaning we combine science, our clinical reasoning and YOUR experience to develop a game plan. We encourage your questions and suggestions to help make treatment as personalised and achievable as possible. We work with private clients, Medicare supported and Work Cover so hope to help as many of you as possible, regardless of what brings you here! Envy Physiotherapy Balmain.

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