🚣‍♀️ Congratulations to LIZZIE!! 🌟

11 months post TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT and… 3 x silver media list at the Masters Rowing State Championships over the weekend in Taree.

Lizzie worked with physio Emma to take on the prehab, and then rehab demands of the hip replacement with optimism, huge motivation and dedication. She was even on the erg (very gently) rowing 8 weeks post. This sums up Lizzie for you 💪

She then took on return to sport training with equal motivation and determination, bringing her to her fittest and strongest!

Her recent PBs are 55kg back squats, 70kg deadlift, 90kg leg press and 35kg bench press all for multiple reps!

GO LIZZIE! WE ARE SO PROUD 🥰🌟🏅Emma has loved working with you this past year. ❤️