Some fun facts about our newest addition to the team!

-Dhanya’s a Classical Indian Dancer who has learned Bharathanatyam since she was 6 years old, it’s foundations are very similar Ballet!
-Over the years of dancing, she’s enjoyed both tapping into her cultural side to give her a bit more insight into her background as well as the physical challenges and adrenalin rush it gives her when she gets on stage!
-One of the main reasons Dhanya wanted to be a physiotherapist was because she had recurrent heel stress fractures through intense dancing periods. As such, she followed a rehab program and learnt the importance of recovery to make sure her performances were on point!
-Dhanya’s also got a solo graduation performance (BIG milestone for her) coming up in June that she is working extremely hard towards!

With her fair share of injuries and understanding the importance of getting back to what you love doing the most, Dhanya is available for INITIAL and FOLLOW-UP appointments.